Monday, May 2, 2011

Week 12 - Tootsie Rolls are a No No!

Tuesday, I was officially 12 weeks braced.  I was very excited about my adjustment appointment, so that I could discuss some concerns with my dentist.  I thought I would take this time to review my adjustment appointment in detail.

12 Week Adjustment:
Shelly, the dental assistant, called me back almost immediately to the room.  She asked how everything was going and how my mouth was doing.  I told her I was extremely excited about the dramatic changes on my lowers, however, I felt that my uppers are only moving side to side.  I also explained how I really dislike the huge gap it has created on my uppers, as it makes it where I do not want to smile.

She asked Dr. Black to come in to review my teeth, and brought back with her my molds from my records appointment, to show me how much they have changed. ( I actually liked that they included the molds, as it was helpful in seeing the changes. )  Next, Dr. Black reviewed my bite and discussed with Shelly the previous adjustment, in order to make a decision on the next step in my dental plan. 

Dr. Black instructed Shelly to leave the current wires on both upper and lowers.  My uppers had a new wire placed 6 weeks ago at the last adjustment.  My lowers still have the same wire from when they placed the braces on my teeth.  They replaced all the rubber bands on each bracket and replaced one of the two wire ties on my lowers. 
Dr. Black then checked my bite and noticed that I have a class II occlusion (slight over bite).  He also discussed power chains for in the near future.

Now that the adjustment is completed, my teeth are a little sore, but nothing like when I first got braces.  Just the replacement of the bands create slight soreness, since my last bands were extremely worn. This was most noticeable at Easter, when I attempted to eat a no-no... tootsie rolls... and had to have Jess play dentist, when I slipped off one of the ligatures and had the wire move to the top of my bracket. Jess removed the band and reset the wire into the proper position on the bracket and reapplied the worn ligature.