Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chains off.... Wrong choice!!!

I had my appointment today and let me just say I am thoroughly pissed off!!!

First I got my teeth cleaned... Which I love!!! But then I only got to see Dr. Black for maybe 2 minutes. He decided to remove my upper chain because my gap closed. Well, needless to say... My gap is already back!!! So tomorrow after work I am going back to put my upper chains put back on. That just pissed me off. Not the fact I am getting chains again... But they should have known that would happen. I knew it would. It feels like a whole month of progress and pain was for nothing!!!

I just hope for maybe one appointment I can talk to my ortho about my concerns!!!! I paid for full ortho and perfect teeth!!!!! Not close enough!

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Upper Chains!!!!

Wednesday: 9/7/11

Had my 7 month adjustment this afternoon!!! They put Power Chains on my uppers to finish up closing gaps and put the finishing touches to my teeth. They were a lil sore during applying as they are TIGHT!!! But, they don't hurt as bad as the first day of braces.

On my lowers... No more wire ligatures!!!! Just normal ligatures. They replaced no. 26 bracket which was bent and all is good!

Will update y'all more later after the pain really sets in... It is here now, but I have a feeling that my mouth will ache bad tomorrow morning!!!

Sorry to cut it short, but we gave wildfires less than 12 miles away, so my mind is quite preoccupied!!! God bless all the fire victims! The fire has destroyed my moms old neighborhood!

Sunday: 9/18/11

Update on chains.... First off.... Holy hell!!!! The pain from the chains intensified so much during the first week! All my upper teeth loosened up and still almost two weeks later are not tight again. But, thankfully the pain has subsided now. The pain was so extreme that Dr. Black almost removed the chains. But wow, my teeth have moved so much already! The gap is closed already and now my arch wire is poking me in the back due to all the movement.

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