Friday, June 17, 2011

Month 4 - Wire Tie Delayed Progress :(

So, I have had my braces on for over 4 months now.... working on 5 months.  Boy have things changed alot since these metal wires were attached to my teeth in February.  First off, I would like to apologize for the lack of updates, as I have been busy with the kids getting out of school, the death of Jess's grandparents, and just alot of other things occupying my time.

I still have wire ligatures on two of my bottom teeth and regular elastic ligatures on the others.  I went in for an adjustment last week, and they had to hold off on putting on power chains on top and bottom, since one of my teeth moved back to the pre-braces position, after the wire ligature broke.  The dentist told me that there was a high chance of it breaking, since he had to tighten it down more than he normally would, and it put a weak spot in the wire... sure enough, it broke almost a week before my adjustment, but completely fell off the day before my appointment.  FYI: breaking a wire ligature even hours before an appointment can set you back by months on treatment.  But, my dentist was not open when mine broke, so I had no other options.

This time, Dr. Black had Shelly change the bands and put new wire ties on me... they are hoping I will be moved into Power Chains on my next appointment, which will be around my 5 month mark.  I am really excited for the Power Chains, since it would close two gaps that are forming on the top teeth. 

Unfortunately, I have no interesting news on the teeth right now.... I forget they are actually there, except when I am trying to eat certain foods and they remind me that they are in fact there. 

Stay Tuned for more updates.... instead of weekly updates, I am going to start monthly updates (depending on my schedule), since not much goes on.

This was taken at the Astros Game of me and Jess. Check out that smile on me!!! Looking much better already