Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Month 6 - Stubborn Tooth delays Progress

I know I said my next appointment would be August 9th, but I had it moved to this past Thursday afternoon... so let me take the oppurtunity to update you on my so called progress.
Well, my appointment was pretty much the usual.... Shelly removed the old bands and also removed the wire ties from the 2 teeth that had them. Then, she had some difficulty removing my arch wire, since one of my brackets need replaced... but Dr. Black said they will replace it at my next appointment.
Anyway, my daughter chose my band colors this week.... a very bright and bold pink and alternating colors with a torquoise color on every other tooth. Dr. Black then replaced my wire tie on one of my teeth... I thought he doubled it, but Shelly said it appears only one tie was put on. I thought he was gonna pull my tooth out with all that pressure he was using to get that wire tie on. That was pretty painful! He couldn't apply the wire tie on the bracket that was messed up, so he had Shelly put a plain rubber band instead of wire.
All my teeth on my top are inline per Dr. Black. They don't appear to be unless you look from the underside, due to the gaps. My bottom teeth are inline, except for those 2 stubborn teeth, which I may have to get a rotating wedge applied at my next appt.
Once all my teeth are straight, then the chains! But I got to get those 2 teeth inlign. I now have size 18 wires on both top and bottom...
Excited for my progress and ready for them to be Beautiful! <3

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