Saturday, November 19, 2011

9 months - Update

Went to my ortho appt about a week and a half ago...

Now it is time to stabilize my teeth... I still have regular ligatures on the bottom and a chain on top...
The only difference in the chain on top is more spread apart than my first chain...

First chain: O-O-O
Current chain: o--o--o

Let me just say the first chain sucked!!!! Major pain, but this one is great! My gap is still closed.

I am not 100% happy with where my teeth are and Dr. Black says I am probably finished in about 3 months....

I think some more movement is needed. Yes they look so much better than they were but not perfect. And I know when they reshape some of my teeth it will help... But still.

After I am out, I will be getting an essix retainer on top and a permanent on bottom which goes behind my teeth.

Sorry for the quality of the picture.... Bit here is an update.

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